Le Japon sort une voiture Audi avec une mini Cuisine à l’intérieur

Exclusive only for Japan, The Audi A8 5.5

“Vorsprung durch Technik” advances to a whole new level

Audi premiered their flagship car, Audi A8 in 2014 to achieve mature market excellence of Japan’s import automobile industry. In addition to the lineup of A8 3.0/4.0, Audi debuts the “5.5” model limited only in Japan. To respond to the high demands of our customers, Audi A8 5.5 strived to aim for the most satisfying model using world class, advanced technologies. The model name 5.5 was inspired from 5(five) Go and 0.5(half) Han, coming from the term gohan, which means rice in Japanese.




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